An escape room is an indoor game where couples or small groups work together to discover clues, solve puzzles, complete a mission and escape the room within 60 minutes.
(Recommended for ages  16 and up) 

2 - 4 People

The government has decommissioned a series of experiments researching efficient nuclear power but due to a national security risk they have been recommissioned. You have been recruited to operate Bunker 2750 and restore the security network provided by the Unreal Atomic Energy Agency (UAEA).

2 - 4 People

You've been arrested and your gang has been sentenced for 10 years for robbing a post office for $16.23. Your holding cell on the Rock once held Al Capone who hid a plan to escape, which included his ledger... If only you can escape your gang will be rich!

Note: The Escape Bus does not accept cancellations or provide refunds once the booking is confirmed, however teams can reschedule their booking time if more than 24 hours’ notice is provided.

A confirmation email or text message will be sent, outlining the details of the new booking. The original booking will not be rescheduled until a new time has been confirmed by The Escape Bus.