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We Come to You!

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

We've built an immersive experience which is perfect for your next team building day or celebration! Two rooms both 2 - 6 participants with 60min to escape. Did we mention we can come to you?


You've been arrested and your gang has been sentenced for 10 years for robbing a post office for $16.23. Your holding cell on the Rock once held Al Capone who hid a plan to escape, which included his ledger... If only you can escape your gang will be rich!

Fallout Bunker

The government has decommissioned a series of experiments researching efficient nuclear power but due to a national security risk they have been recommissioned. You have been recruited to operate Bunker 2750 and restore the security network provided by the Unreal Atomic Energy Agency (UAEA).


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